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29 March 2034 @ 04:20 am
Updated | 7.02.14  

Videos that need to be uploaded/posted:
*I'm going to start linking things in this list if I've got them uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo so you guys can check out what's on here until I get around to uploading them for you to download!

SHINee - Lucifer
DIR EN GREY - Juuyoku & Shitataru Mourou (T.I.F. live 2012)
Narsha - Bbi-ri-bba-bba
DIR EN GREY - Vanitas & DIABOLOS (Shibuya AX)
D'espairsRay - Angeldust, Screen, Squall (Spiral Staircase #15)
DIR EN GREY - Ain't Afraid to Die, Mushi, MR. NEWSMAN, Jessica (5UK)
VIXX - On and On [13.03.10 Inkigayo]
VIXX - hyde + On and On [13.07.14 Inkigayo Half Year Special]
the GazettE - Yoin & Dripping Insanity [MELT]
the GazettE - DIM SCENE [The Nameless Liberty @ Tokyo Dome 10.12.26]
EXO - Wolf [Chinese ver.]
B.A.P - Coffee Shop
DIR EN GREY - Ryoujoku no ame [UROBOROS live]
VIXX - Rock Ur Body

Infinite - Destiny
Dir en grey - Vinushka (Uroboros live)
Brown Eyed Girls - Kill Bill
Block B - Very Good
DIR EN GREY - Different Sense HD resub